Bodega Sepúlveda celebrates its 66th year in business

bodega sepulveda
This October, in Bodega Sepúlveda we celebrate our 66th year behind the stoves, working with as much excitement and passion as on the very first day. 📸 On the left of the photo, Josep Solà, founder of Bodega Sepúlveda. To his side, his son and now owner, also Josep Solà, who after 76 years is still going strong day after day.
On this day 6 years ago, we celebrated our 60th anniversary in the Antigua fábrica de Estrella Damm, where more than 700 friends and customers of Bodega Sepúlveda came. It was a very emotional and unforgettable day and we still remember it like it was yesterday. Thank you everyone for making it possible for us to celebrate yet another year of Bodega! 🍰🎂 Read more here.