Crónica Directo has named us one of the best restaurants to eat home cooked food in Barcelona

cap i pota

With each blast of winter chill, we crave more and more hot home cooked dishes, but these days there are few places to go which offer such warm delights outside of the house.

Crónia Directo has included Bodega Sepúlveda in their article about the best restaurants to enjoy the tastiest stew in the city of Barcelona. Here at Bodega, all our dishes have been inspired by the region of Catalonia and every day we strive to offer our diners only the best. From chickpea stew, to “Cap i Pota,” a Catalan beef stew, we offer a wide selection of home cooked dishes that will make you feel like you have never left the house.

Every day from 1952 until now, we have used only fresh ingredients from the Mercat de La Boqueria and other local sources, so that our guests can enjoy a fantastic and traditional Catalan gastronomic experience that they are never going to forget…

To read the article in full, we have added the link below to the best restaurants to eat stew in Barcelona.