Josep Solà, owner of Bodega Sepúlveda, awarded by the National Hospitality Awards 2019

The hostelry industry in Spain has been made aware of the winners of this year´s National Hospitality Awards 2019, some awards that throughout its time and for being granted to businesses owners in the Hospitality sector have a great relevance on a national scale. The objective of these awards is to give recognition to those companies and business owners of the sector that develop their daily tasks, add value to the Hospitality industry and contribute to economic development of the country. The awards also aim to highlight those exemplary acts that have made the winners role models for other companies in the sector.
Of the 16 categories that these awards are divided into, this year, Josep Solà, owner of the Bodega Sepúlveda, has won the award for Hospitality business owner of the year. Thanks to his passion before the stoves up until today, being a clear defender of a traditional kitchen within a world that is constantly changing, Josep Solà has been known to face the greatest challenges of the recent times, taking the helm of Bodega Sepúlveda from day one.
Today, Josep Solà, with more than 70 years, stays afoot behind the cooker putting forward his own style and making stews relevant for a lifetime. Being located in the heart of Sant Antoni, a neighbourhood that is getting stronger and more targeted by many hospitality businesses every time, Bodega Sepúlveda has always been a reference in relation to Catalan tradition and being a kitchen of the market. The local style of Bodega Sepúlveda is one of the examples: a local where until 1936 it was a tavern where they sold wine in bulk, as was usual when selling wine in that era. Currently, entering Bodega Sepúlveda is like closing your eyes and being teleported back many years, where you can enjoy traditional dishes prepared with the best products for proximity and quality, but with a modern twist.