The secret of our Hake Cocochas in a Pil Pil Salsa


We’re opening the doors of our kitchen to show you how to make Hake Cocochas in a Pil Pil salsa.

Josep Solà, as easily as if he was cutting bread, has prepared this delicious Hake Cocochas with Pil Pil in minutes. This is a very satisfying dish and one of the most successful in our winery, because, if we use fresh and quality products, little else is needed…

Firstly, we clean, select, and prepare the fresh cocochas to cook. We then cut and add a little garlic to give them more flavour and … the rest is magic! The cocochas cook in their own juices until they have made a delicious sauce with that light and fluffy texture we all know and love. Although they are very easy to make, we serve each one in a traditional way, with love and care to maintain all the flavours that this fantastic dish offers.

Now all you have to do is try this Hake with Pil Pil along with one of our own white wines… there is no better pairing! Go to Bodega Sepúlveda’s Youtube channel to see the full video.